Former University of Tulsa President Steadman Upham returns to role after Orsak's firing

TULSA - The University of Tulsa has a new president and he's a familiar face.

Just 72 days after he retired, Steadman Upham returned as TU president Monday.

Upham says he is committed to staying in the role, at least long enough to give the university time to search for his replacement.

He tells 2NEWS, "The plan is to serve the university as it's needed. The board and I will talk during the process. I think the plan is more or less two years. But it could be shorter. It could be longer. We will see how it goes.

Upham spoke Monday to his faith in the school despite the recent firing of short-lived president Geoffrey Osak last month.

"The university is such a strong place. Our initiatives are in a strong place. We are working on them," he said. "The priorities when I left continue to be the priorities. So I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting back to work on them.

TU gave no reason for Orsak's termination, calling it only a "personnel" matter.

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