Former Prue teacher charged with rape

PRUE, Okla - An arrest warrant has been issued for a former Prue teacher who is charged with having sex with one student and providing alcohol to him and three others.

Investigators say even though the four alleged victims in this investigation are students at Prue Public Schools in Osage County, they believe the crimes occurred at Katie Hightower's home in rural Terlton -- in neighboring Pawnee County.

"We feel there is sufficient evidence to move forward," says Assistant Pawnee County District Attorney Kyle Alderson.

Tuesday he filed felony charges of 2nd degree rape and furnishing alcohol to a person under 21 against Hightower.

"Teachers are entrusted with a certain power and responsibility in our society. And we take it very seriously when we feel that power has been abused," says Alderson. "We aggressively prosecute when we find those cases."
According to court documents, On August 17, Hightower went to the lake with some students, where she reportedly referred to one of the boys as "babe" and laid her head in his lap.

The students told investigators that after leaving the lake early the next morning, Hightower went to Walmart in Cleveland, where she bought them beer, then went to her home in rural Terlton to drink it.

The students say at one point, Hightower and a boy disappeared into her room. Minutes later the students say they heard her and the teenage boy having sex through the door.

Phone records show Hightower sent that same boy 561 text messages during the month of August.

The students also claim Hightower showed them pictures of a naked man on her phone.

The DA's office says the investigation is still on-going. A warrant was issued for Hightower's arrest on Tuesday morning.
If convicted, Hightower could face up to 15 years in prison on the second degree rape charge, and five years on the alcohol charge.
The Superintendent for Prue Public Schools says Katie Hightower had been with the school district for five years, but she resigned on September 20.

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