Forensic psychologist dissects mindset fo serial sexual attacker

TULSA - TULSA - It’s been a week since Tulsa’s serial attacker last struck.

Police say the man has attacked six women including an older woman last Friday at the Swiss Rolanda Apartments in Brookside.

Police say all of the attention may be scaring this attacker, forcing him to lay low.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Joseph Schwartz says that might not be the case at all.

“Fear apparently is not a factor or barrier, because if fear was such a barrier, then why didn’t he stop after one or two,” Schwartz explained.

Schwartz says serial attackers are often times fueled by an addiction to the crime.

“The behavior defines itself,” Schwartz said. “Whatever is motivating this guy, the pusher, the driver, it’s got to be incredibly intense.”

Schwartz says this might be part of a toxic game the attacker is playing out in his head.

“Once they get away with it a few times they find themselves to be invincible,” Schwartz said.

He says that’s when they are most likely to mess up and leave clues behind.

Since Friday’s attack police mobilized a task force and have received a number of leads from the public.

But Schwartz believes the attacker’s desire is building up and might escalate into more criminal behavior.

“He’s not done, and that’s my clinical intuition and years of experience,” Schwartz explained.

Tulsa Police urges anyone with helpful information about this investigation to please contact their department.

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