For Sale: McBirney Mansion in Tulsa near Arkansas River goes on the market

TULSA - Overlooking the Arkansas River, a piece of history that has been empty for years, is now on the market.

"I think that it's the closest thing to Downton Abby that Tulsa has," said Roger Erker, Managing Broker with McGraw Realtors.

Erker is talking about the McBirney Mansion at 1414 South Galveston near downtown. The house was built in 1927 on three acres of land.

The 15,000 square foot home has nine bedrooms, but unlike another historic mansion along the river, this gothic tudor will be preserved.

"It won't suffer the fate of the Blair Mansion," said Erker.

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"Somebody please buy it and keep it as a bed and breakfast or at least where Tulsa can enjoy the property," said Diane Gawey-Riley, an event planner for the McBirney. "It's a goldmine for someone that wants it as an event center."

That is a possibility. Luke Strawn, president of McGraw Realtors, says there is still a lot of interest in the mansion for events.

"We had some people came by yesterday that wanted to book the place for a wedding and we couldn't quite book it."

So what will it take to become the next owner?

The asking price is $2.75 million.

"In comparison with the new homes that are being built, this is a bargain," said Erker.

In addition to the nine rooms, 15,000 square feet and owning a piece of Tulsa history, the new owner will also get a house with it's own elevator.

"It's worth every penny, I mean it's such a great landmark," said Gawey-Riley.



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