Tulsa firefighters rescue 2 women from burning home

TULSA - Tulsa city crews helped rescue two women from a burning home in north Tulsa Tuesday morning.

The call came in around 3 a.m. at home near East 27th Place North and North Hartford Avenue.

When firefighters arrived they found a woman outside who said two other women were still inside the burning home.

Firefighters pulled two women and a dog from inside. They were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. One woman had burns on her face.

The women reported two men who were inside the home earlier in the evening but they weren't sure if they'd left overnight.  The men were later accounted for.

Fire investigators have been so far unable to determine what caused the fire, though they believe it started in the middle of the house, then spread.

Part of the roof collapsed.

Captain Jeareld Edwards and firefighters Anthony Payne and Ronald Stewart arrived at the home within minutes of the call.

"When we walked into the garage we heard a voice and that's when we first realized that we had a confirmed rescue in our hands," said Stewart.

"As we went into the home you could see the fire across the room," said Payne. 

Stewart said the victims tried to extinguish the fire on their own before calling 911, cutting vital minutes from their response time.

The Red Cross is assisting the residents.

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