4 injured, 22 apartments affected in south Tulsa fire

TULSA - A south Tulsa apartment fire sent two residents and two firefighters to the hospital late Monday morning.

It happened at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments, near 61st and South Peoria Ave.

At least a dozen units suffered fire and smoke damage, and several on the top floor were destroyed.

Many residents have been left without power.

Residents say they had only seconds to flee their apartments before the building was consumed by flames.

"The bottom apartment was on fire," said fire victim Henry Sullivan. "I was just waking up and I was hearing people yelling, 'Get out of the apartment! Get out! The apartments are on fire!'"

Sullivan's cousin, James Vanpelt, had just left the apartment to run to the store. When he returned, their apartment and everything they owned was engulfed in flames.

"The fire was at the bottom of the apartment, but now the whole way through the building," Vanpelt said. "All of our stuff is gone. I don't have anything left."

"We had a couple of firefighters, one with minor burns to his leg. The other with a back injury," said Tulsa Fire Cpt. Stan May. "The injuries are not expected to be serious."

According to EMSA spokeswoman Kelli Bruer, four patients were treated and transported to area hospitals, including a 27-year-old woman, a 40-year-old man, a 37-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman. 

All were transported in fair condition.

American Red Cross workers have opened a shelter for displaced residents at Crosstown Church of Christ., located at Admiral Place and Harvard Avenue.

Investigators believe a child playing with a lighter caused the fire.

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