Firefighters grant wish for BA boy suffering from cerebral palsy

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Broken Arrow 13-year-old Sean Cunnane has been obsessed with firefighters since he was a little boy. In fact, he's been a fixture at Green Country fire houses since he was about 5 years old.

Because he has cerebral palsy, he will never get a chance to work at fire station. That's why local firefighters turned his bedroom into his very own fire house.

"That was his first Halloween costume," said John Cunnane. "And he has been a fireman from five until 13."

John says his son Sean loves spending time with local firefighters.
"That's the biggest thing, the way he's been embraced," Cunnane said. "And the way the fireman treat him. He just talks to him like they are buddies.

Members of the local Fire Fighters IAFF 176 will tell you they enjoy Sean's visits just as much as Sean does.

"Here's a young man that has got this debilitating disease. And he's always so positive and just a happy kid," said John Smith. "When he comes to the fire station, he makes everyone want to be better. And to have an opportunity to give back to a kid like that, something he has really dreamed about, is great."

Smith is one of several firefighters that have spent the past few months transforming Sean's room into a fire house, complete with a bunk room for sleeping and a day room for watching television and relaxing.

After months of work, Sean finally got to see his new room after school on Monday. When his bedroom door opened, a huge smile appeared on Sean's face. All he could say was "Wow!"

Now this very special young man will get a chance to live like the fire fighters he loves.

Most the materials were donated by local businesses. The firefighters did all of the work for free.

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