2NEWS Special Report: Fighting our meth epidemic

TULSA - Methamphetamine has become an epidemic in parts of Oklahoma.

Towns large and small are crying out for help, but in the 2011 legislative session, state lawmakers refused to pass any measure to help solve the problem.

A number of towns tried to take measures into their own hands, by passing ordinances to make the purchase of pseudoephedrine allowed by prescription only.

State Attorney General Scott Pruitt struck down those ordinances saying they overstepped state law.

That's when KJRH got involved.We aired a 30 minute program on the impact of meth in Oklahoma, and looked at possible solutions, which included sending a reporter to Oregon to see if its solutions to meth could work in Oklahoma.

We followed the program, with a 30 minute panel discussion that was streamed live on KJRH.com.

In an effort to find solutions, we talked with a number of state lawmakers and other experts who have differing views about how best to proceed.

It was a thorough multi-platform presentation with comments and questions from the public submitted via Facebook and Twitter, which we feel was extremely successful.

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