Government shutdown: Seasonal craft beers not hitting shelves as federal shutdown lags on

The federal government shutdown has impacted the nation in a variety of ways, but here's one you might not have heard about: beer.

The reason is fairly simple: breweries need to have new beers' ingredients and labels federally approved before introducing them to the drinking public.

That hiccup, only compounded by the changing season, may soon be felt at Marshall Brewing Company. The Tulsa craft brewery is currently aging ales for the holidays, but won't be able to share them if the shutdown isn't lifted soon.

Just like the oak barrels stacked up and waiting, so is all the paperwork needed for you to drink what's inside the barrels.

"Let's get on with it. Let's move on with it," founder Eric Marshall said Wednesday. "Let's find an agreement and make things work."

One of Marshall's upcoming brews is the Black Dolphin Imperial Stout, still gathering a whiskey, oak and "maybe vanilla" flavor inside bourbon barrels. 

Marshall says the Black Dolphin is set to be released in December if everything goes as planned, and is very important to the company's seasonal success.

"We are counting on that volume of sales in that quarter to fall into our yearly plan. If it doesn't happen that would be disappointing," he said.

Marshall's still working on the beer's label, but hopes the government passes a budget soon so the acceptance process can begin. Typically new brews are approved within a week, according to Marshall, but with a logjammed beer queue likely, that estimate could be much longer.

And don't expect seasonal wines either -- they're shut down as well.

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