Fans of the Twilight Saga sink their teeth into final movie, 'Breaking Dawn part 2'

TULSA - Like fans across the country, Twi-hards here in Green Country stood in line in the cold to see the fifth and final installment in the Twilight series.

New releases usually premiere at midnight, but many local theaters started showings at 10 p.m.

Hundreds of fans even attended all-day marathons, watching all five Twilight movies back to back.

So what did fans here in Green Country think of the finale?

"It was awesome.  Epic, a must see," said one fan who attended one of the marathons.  "Totally worth 10 hours of my life that I've spent here today."

"I liked that it had such a twist that you weren't expecting it.  It was really cool," said another.

Critics are calling "Breaking Dawn part 2" the "freakiest" film in the saga and the most fun.

Industry experts expect it to out-sell the previous four movies in ticket sales for the opening week.

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