Family shocked over Tulsa woman's sudden death; hit-and-run suspect still on loose

TULSA - Hours after Christina Bradshaw rang in the New Year with her sister and a friend, the 46-year-old Tulsa woman was killed in a hit-and-run accident while driving down a quiet, midtown neighborhood only a few blocks from her home.

Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Bradshaw's Toyota Camry was broadsided by a stolen Dodge Ram at East 9th Street and South Richmond Avenue. Bradshaw, who died on impact, was on her way to her job as an elderly care worker.

The driver responsible, police believe, was in the middle of a getaway after stealing a trailer only 30 minutes earlier and was speeding through the intersection at about 65 mph, according to witnesses. The man, who took off on foot after the crash, has yet to be found. 

Today, Bradshaw's family is still reeling from her sudden death as they plan funeral arrangements. Her sister, Angela King, traveled from Gentry, Ark. on Tuesday to spend New Year's Eve with Christina. King says she was just about to make the trip back to Arkansas when her mother called with the news.

"I love her very, very much. I just wish she was here because there was no reason in this. None," King said. "This was stupid. Absolutely stupid, without a shadow of a doubt."

Christina had five sisters and three brothers. Never married and without children of her own, King said Christina's nieces and nephews were a major part of her life.

Christina's nephew and King's son, Justin Pigeon, said Thursday he believes police will catch the driver soon.

"I would tell him 'I know what you did was an accident. I know it was a mistake, I know you didn't mean to do it," Pigeon said. "But actions were made and actions have consequences. I just really wish he could own up to the consequences and turn himself in."

Tulsa police Sgt. Chris Witt said his department will run a search warrant on the suspect's abandoned truck Friday morning in hopes of finding finger prints and DNA.

Sgt. Witt said there are also four eyewitnesses who can identify the suspect.

Bradshaw's niece is expected to give birth any day now to a baby girl. She plans on naming her "Christina."

Bradshaw's funeral is set for Tuesday. Donations can be made at the East 11th Street and South New Haven Avenue Fiesta Mart, where she worked part-time.

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