Family of murdered toddler wants justice

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Muskogee police say 2 year-old JaCion Logan was not the intended target of Wednesday's shooting, but the boy's family says that won't bring him back.    

21 year-old Elbert Meeks, also known as Lee Meeks, made his first court appearance Thursday. Police say he faces first degree murder charges.  He is being held without bond in the Muskogee County Jail.

JaCion Logan's grandmother, Vickie Ragsdale, watched the closed circuit TV while Lee Meeks made his first court appearance.

She say's he's a bad guy who runs with a bad crowd.

"He's tied to a lot of shootings here, he's been jailed before and they let him out and now he's killed a baby," said Ragsdale.

JaCion was at his other grandmother's house when the shooting happened at a home on Indianapolis Ave. on Wednesday night.

Police say Meeks knocked on the door and immediately pulled out a gun.

"Tried to close the door and the baby was behind her and he started shooting," said Ragsdale.

"The victim was not the intended target, they were looking for someone else, we believe it was from an earlier altercation," said Lt. Bobby Lee, with the Muskogee Police Department.

Police aren't saying who the intended target is or what happened during the earlier altercation.

Ragsdale said she doesn't know either, she just wants her grandson back.

"I bought him a brand new bicycle for Christmas and I let him open it up last Saturday, and I'm glad that I did because he would have never got to see it," said Ragsdale.

She says there are dozens of other presents under the tree for JaCion that will go un-opened this year.    

His entire family is at a loss, his mother passed out at the courthouse in a fit of grief.

Ragsdale says she wants Lee Meeks to pay.

 "I will pray for him, but in the same manner, he can rot in hell," said Ragsdale.

Police say they were already searching for Meeks in reference to another shooting that happened earlier this month.

He will make his next court appearance on December 28th.

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