Family members speak out in Tahlequah child abuse case

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - Family members are shocked concerning a case of child abuse in Tahlequah.

Jodi Rock, 19, is accused of burning her son and playing so rough it caused multiple broken bones.

Rock lived with her boyfriend and his mother in a Cherokee County trailer park. She doesn't have full custody of her 15-month-old son, who lived with Rock's aunt and uncle.

This case of child abuse has left family members on both sides placing the blame on someone else.

"I just don't understand it," said Jacqueline Proctor, Rock's mother. She says she's still in shock over the abuse of her grandson, unable to listen to the details of his injuries.

"I know she couldn't let this happen to him," she said. "I know she didn't. I know she didn't."

Angel Moore, the boyfriend's sister, says she doesn't believe Rock or her brother had anything to do with the abuse. She says the toddler was recently dropped off after being at Jodi's aunt and uncle's home.

"They brought the baby out of the blue and usually they don't ever bring the baby," Moore said. "When they brought him, he was crying, whining."

According the arrest affidavit, the child's "shoulder was broken in a couple places" and he had a fractured forearm and wrist.

He also had "three burns across the genital area." Detectives wrote that Rock "told several different stories" but ultimately confessed to burning the child with a flat iron.

The 15-month-old's father told 2News he hasn't seen his son since October and didn't know of any abuse.

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