Family, friends to remember plane crash victim Garrett Coble

TULSA - One of four people killed in last Friday's deadly plane crash in Kansas is being remembered at Oral Roberts University Thursday.

A memorial service for Garrett Coble is scheduled for this afternoon on ORU's campus.

Coble's family says they don't want this to be a sad event but rather a celebration of life.

The 29-year-old became engaged in February. His fiancee, Rachel Fouts , says Coble was a good man to his core.

Fouts says Coble loved life and was extremely devoted to his faith.

"He lived his life full throttle... And he was fully involved in everything he did," said Fouts.  "Twenty-three and he had such big dreams. And he was going to accomplish them too.  He had dreams and he was going to do it."

That devotion is something he brought to work.

Coble, a former ORU professor, was a marketing professor at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow. His office sits as he left it, but now flowers rest on his desk.

His colleagues say Coble was able to connect with his students and he always brought a certain level of support and energy to the classroom.

NSU professor Ronald Petty says he will remember Coble's positivity.

"He was always upbeat around me," said Petty. "I only saw him here on campus but he was always upbeat about what he wanted to do, what his plans for the future were, and he just had some excitement about life."

Petty says Coble was a high-energy and supportive teacher, which makes his passing hard to grasp.

"He shouldn't have... It shouldn't have happened to him," said Petty. "He's younger, healthier than all of us, and you just think it shouldn't have happened to him.

Fouts says she hopes people find inspiration in Coble's passing.

"It's shocking when people hear about it," said Fouts. "So I want them to take that shock and do something (good) with it.  That's what he would've wanted."

The memorial service begins at 2 p.m.

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