Families near Drumright forced to rebuild

DRUMRIGHT, Okla. - Martha Hurst doesn't know if she can rebuild from the ground up. "How do I start over at 60?," she asked as she looked around the charred remains of her home.

Hurst's home was in the path of a fire that destroyed several homes just west of Drumright. Thirty-two years ago her home burned to the ground. She was young then she says and her family had the resources to rebuild. "I wouldn't wish this on anybody," Hurst said. "No on should experience something like this. This is a nightmare."

The nightmare continues for firefighter in the area. The Drumright Fire Chief could not be reached for comment because he was out on a fire call.

Low water pressure caused by numerous fires caused the Drumright hospital to shut its doors. Patients were sent to the Cushing hospital for treatment. 

Residents are under a water rationing order. The hospital may reopen when water levels return to normal possibly by Thursday.

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