Failure to communicate: Tulsa State Fairgoers experience cell phone problems

TULSA - Tulsa State Fair goers are having problems connecting with the outside world. The cell phone airwaves are so busy many phone calls are not going through.

Sarah Thompson with the Tulsa State Fair says it's a problem all major events have.

"Most large events experience this problem and we are doing what we can to alleviate it but there's just a lot of people out here," she said referring to the tower installed on the fairgrounds.

It helps she says but with thousands of people texting, calling and sharing pictures online the tower can't keep up.

She urges families to have a plan before they head to the fair in case they get separated and cell phones don't work.

"Pick a spot on the midway and make sure everyone in their group knows that's where they're going to meet," she said.

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