Fact checking former Tulsa mayor and 2013 candidate Kathy Taylor's mayoral ads

TULSA -- The race to be Tulsa's next mayor is expected to be a close one.

With that in mind, both candidates are taking to the airwaves to try and reach voters.

But are Dewey Bartlett and Kathy Taylor being truthful?

We start by looking at the former mayor's ads.

Taylor's ads tout her record on creating or saving jobs:

"During the record economic recession Kathy Taylor fought to keep jobs here."

"As mayor, Kathy saved over 7000 local aviation jobs at American Airlines. Kathy booked 14,000 new jobs when she was mayor."

Taylor says those 14,000 jobs were part of a quality jobs program tracked and confirmed through the Chamber of Commerce, which is true.

"We brought 14,000 jobs to Tulsa -- those were 14,000 jobs that were announced. They are on the website of the Department of Commerce, they're on the website for the chamber in their annual report. Those are jobs that were announced while I was in office," said Taylor.

Taylor served as mayor of Tulsa during 2009 which was the heart of the "Great Recession," and she admits jobs were lost during that time, but far fewer than the national average.

"We did better than the nation, we gained 14,000 jobs. We lost jobs as well, and, most importantly, we protected 7,000 jobs at American Airlines," she said.

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How did she protect jobs at American Airlines?

Taylor said it started when she was Secretary of Commerce creating a state plan to save the jobs, and as mayor, she said she got the third-penny sales tax to fund investment at the Tulsa Airport, which is the landlord for the American Airlines facility.

Taylor also finished the BOK Center and got ONEOK Field built.

She says what is important today is infrastructure, transparency and leadership. She says Tulsa needs a change and she is up for the job.

"There is a crisis in confidence in government, and I think we need to solve that by being very transparent with taxpayer dollars and accountable. If a mistake is made, the mayor is the CEO of the city and the mayor needs to stand up and take responsibility and solve the problem," said Taylor.

Check back Friday for the fact check on Mayor Dewey Bartlett's ads.

Tulsa voters will have the final say when they go to the polls Nov. 12.

--- Mobile readers can see Taylor's ad on YouTube here, http://youtu.be/MZDkLFwEFUg



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