FAA: Air traffic controller furlough won't cause 'serious delays' at TIA, other Okla. airports

TULSA - With some 13,000 air traffic controllers officially furloughed, flight anxiety naturally seems to have risen across the country, but airport officials say passengers shouldn't worry about flying out of Tulsa.

Each controller -- which together comprise roughly 28 percent of the 47,000 federal aviation employees that began the process Sunday -- are slated to receive one furlough day every other week.

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Tulsa International Airport spokeswoman Alexis Higgins says that may mean flyers will experience delays at some of the nation's larger airports, but shouldn't expect a change in their Tulsa travel routines. 

"I can tell you that we really don't anticipate there to be a big impact on flight operations here," said TIA spokeswoman Alexis Higgins. "Tulsa is considered a small hub airport."

Tulsa International won't entirely avoid the sequester's impact, but FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford says serious delays should not be expected.

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But planning ahead will always make things run smoother, Higgins says.

"Come in advance," she said. "You know, you listen to the news, you watch your flights, you get your schedules and then you know that you need to come prepared and maybe you've got a little additional wait now, but I've been doing this for 25-plus years. So it comes and goes."

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