Experts say home heating systems should be inspected annually

TULSA - According to experts, fires like the recent ones that ripped through apartment complexes in midtown Tulsa and Mannford might be preventable.

Heaters played a role in both fires, according to officials.

For Darrell Hilligoss, a dip in temperature means a rise in business.

As service manager for Air Solutions Heating & Cooling, Inc., Hilligoss spends a lot of time checking residential heating systems.

"People take it for granted. They go to the thermostat, flip on the heat and the heat should come on," he said.

Hilligoss said it's often not that simple.

"Dirty filters actually cause you a lot of problems," he said.

Hilligoss said fire is always a major concern. Fire may be an even bigger concern for many after this week.

On Monday night, a blaze gutted a Mannford apartment complex. Fire investigators ruled the cause as a malfunctioning water heater.

A heater also played a role in a midtown Tulsa apartment fire on Tuesday night.

Hilligoss said the incidents, while tragic, can be important reminders for everyone.

Because there are multiple ways for fires to start, Hilligoss said homeowners and landlords should have their heating systems inspected by a licensed professional on an annual basis.

"They've all got to be up to date and they should be checked every year, your hot water tank and your furnace," said Hilligoss.

Hilligoss said it's especially important for older heating systems to be inspected.

"Just to make sure the heat exchanger is fine, the vent pipe is not rusted," said Hilligoss.

ONG offers a $30 rebate to customers who get their heating systems inspected annually.

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