Experts say conditions are right for cricket population explosion

TULSA - Crickets are creating a buzz around Tulsa.

Experts say conditions are right for very large populations of the pests.

South Tulsa Dance Company near 104th St. and S. Memorial. knows all too well.

"I left the studio, it was about 9:15 to 9:30. Crickets lining the road, the parking lot, the sidewalks. Everywhere," said Gretchen Ponio, an instructor and manager with the company.

"You open the door, and there's 20 under the door frame," Ponio said. "I end up sweeping 20, 30 or 40 up everyday."

But it's not a problem isolated to dance halls.

Tulsa's cricket infusion -- like so many other summer oddities -- is a product of the year's unique weather.

"A lot of insects, a lot of crickets and things survive where they normally would die," said OSU Extension horticulturist Jervis.

Jervis says the last rain really brought them out.

He says when spraying to kill crickets, make sure to dispose of them after.

"You really need to vacuum them up and get them out of there or you'll just have a buffet there of dead crickets for the other crickets to feed on," he said.

Jervis says people shouldn't be concerned about health risks, because crickets are not known to carry disease.

"They're a nuisance and everybody's scared of them, there's nothing to be scared of, they're not going to feed, they're not going to bite," said Jervis.

Jervis says the cricket population should die out on its own within the next couple of weeks.

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