Ex-Tulsa Public Schools athletic director Stephanie Spring pleads not guilty to misapplying funds

TULSA - Richard Letourneau has been playing soccer for decades. Along, with his teammates in the Northeastern Oklahoma Adult Soccer Association.

"We typically try to get together four times a week. Just to practice, have a good time, build up some camraderie," said Richard Letourneau, a member of the Northeastern Oklahoma Adult Soccer Association.

To practice, they rented out Memorial High School's stadium.

"It was running about $600 over a ten, twelve week period," he said.

Richard said he worked with former athletic director, Stephanie Spring to set up rentals.

According to district policy, Spring was supposed to take the rental money and put it in the district's general fund, but prosecutors say she pocked some of that money for her own.

The 2NEWS Investigators obtained the district's 2010-2011 rental document. It's supposed to list every time a stadium is rented, but the Investigators found Richard's team is never mentioned, along with other renters.

"At the end of the day you hope that things are going to go and work out the way that you perceive them too," said Letourneau.

Richard said Spring was good to work with and responsive. Something that's changed since then. He says he's tried to get a hold of someone to rent Memorial's stadium, but can't seem to now.

"Us as taxpayers, we pay for these stadiums and everything to be built, and you would hope that they would be put to good use as often as possible," said Letourneau.

A district spokesperson says they do try to get touch with everyone who calls.

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Spring and assistant athletic directors Jon Wheeler and Trish Pruitt were the focus of an investigation into embezzlement and misappropriation in 2011.

Spring ultimately resigned last January.

Prosecutors allege Spring pocketed money for the rental of school buildings.  Among the evidence are emails prosecutors say implicate her in the scheme.

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Spring is expected to return to court in late March or early April.


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