Rogers County deputies extend their search until Friday for Dione Fox, woman missing 18 years

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Investigators in Rogers County extended their search until Friday for the remains of Dione Fox, missing since 1996.

Sheriff Scott Walton said heat slowed down the investigation and so far they haven't found anything.

Numerous agencies are searching 20 acres of property in Kiowa. Tony Fox, Dione's ex-husband, used to live in those woods in a house that burned down.

"I'm innocent, I've been accused of something I didn't do. I don't want to sound like poor me, but please listen. That's why I feel like I've been a victim in this," Fox told 2NEWS.

The couple divorced three years before her disappearance. Tony describes their relationship as fiery -- highs, lows, staying and leaving.

"After the protective order, two months later, she moved back in with me for two more years. We lived together two more years, then we separated, then we got legally divorced. She gave me custody of the kids and she went on her way back to Tulsa," he said.

Tony started dating another woman, to whom he is now married, around the time that Dione disappeared in September 1996, one day before her daughter Desire's 7th birthday.

Desire Fox is now 24 years old.

"The next day she wasn't there," said Desire.  "I don't know where she stayed the night. She wasn't leaving because she promised she would be at my birthday, she pinky promised. My mom never broke those."

Desire said she and her dad moved out of the house back in the woods shortly after the disappearance. Every Mother's Day they came back and placed roses on the property.

Before Dione's disappearance, Tony broke the couple's protective order in May 1996. He admits he dropped off Dione's car, accused her of prostitution, she slapped him, he grabbed her throat and pushed her onto the apartment stairs.

Court records show Sept. 11, 1996 was the hearing date for that protective order violation. Dione never showed.

"How many times do I have to go give a statement and say the same thing over and over? Every time someone new takes over the case it's like I have to give a statement," Tony said to 2NEWS.  "It's like nothing was ever said before."

Police in Noel, Mo. found Dione's car eight months after her disappearance. Noel is where her parent's live. Tony believes she could still be alive.

"If there's a lawyer out there that believes a person is innocent at first and understands a person's needs to defend themselves legally in the court system, I need help. Please contact me," he said.

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