E.W. Scripps announces new shows Let's Ask America and The List for KJRH Channel 2 fall lineup

TULSA - 2 Works for You is proud to announce the debut of two new shows this fall.

The new shows are being produced and created by the parent company of 2 Works for You, E.W. Scripps. The first is a game show called "Let's Ask America" and the other is called "The List" and will be in a news magazine format. 

Both shows will begin airing on 2 Works for You on September 17, 2012.

"We have invested many months of research to find winning formulas that will inform and entertain audiences," said Brian Lawlor, senior vice president of the Scripps television division. "Our extensive testing convinced us that we have the ingredients for some of the most appealing new content to be introduced in the access and early-fringe hours in many years."

"Let's Ask America" is an innovative game show with a format unlike any other.

Contestants are linked digitally from the comfort of their homes to answer questions relating to current events. The format of "Let's Ask America", powered by contemporary technology, reflects the audience desire for exciting new twists on the game show concept, while giving contestants the chance to win prizes from their couches.

"The List" is a nightly news magazine designed to both entertain and inform viewers by delivering top trending stories of the day in the user-friendly and popular form of lists.

"The List" will give the viewer takeaway advice to make life better, and include video and tips to be shared with friends and family.

Scripps has a long and successful history as a content producer for television. In addition to extensive local news and information programming, Scripps also spent 15 years producing content for its own and other cable TV networks. The cable network division, which included Home & Garden Television and Food Network, was spun off into a separate company, Scripps Networks Interactive, in 2008.

2 Works for You will be one of six markets airing the two new shows in September

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