EMSA's TotalCare renewal period ends Friday

TULSA - Tulsa-area residents have less than a week to decide whether to change their EMSA ambulance coverage.

Residents who choose not to alter their EMSA TotalCare status don't have to take any action, but anyone wanting to opt into or out of the service must do so by Friday.

Those opted-in residents will continue to see the coverage as a $3.64 charge per monthly water bill.

Statuses can be changed online or by phone at (918) 596-9511.

MAKE CHANGES ONLINE (http://bit.ly/cityoftulsa)

"We want residents to make an informed decision about [whether] the program is right for them based on whether they have insurance or not, or how much that insurance covers," said EMSA spokeswoman Kelli Bruer.  "An emergency ambulance transport is never planned and can happen to anyone. We hope everyone takes this opportunity to do a quick check-up on their coverage and enroll if they need to."

MORE: Learn about EMSA (http://bit.ly/EMSAonline)

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