EMSA to increase response times

TULSA - The next time you have a medical emergency, it could take longer for help to arrive.

Starting Nov. 1, EMSA is increasing its emergency response time by two minutes.

EMSA found faster ambulance services does not improve clinical outcomes and it is not as important as providing immediate life-sustaining care, such as CPR.

EMSA also says it will help prevent traffic accidents involving their ambulances.

"Our medics do have to worry about that. We've had some of the most experienced medics in the system unfortunately hit by vehicles. Fortunately, not killed, but none the less sustaining serious injuries," said Dr. Jeffery Goodloe.

During life-threatening emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, serious car accidents, and drowning, paramedics should arrive within 10 minutes 59 seconds, or earlier.

For non-life-threatening emergencies, ambulances should arrive within 24 minutes 59 seconds, or earlier.

For more information, including frequently asked questions about the changes, visit EMSA's web site.

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