EMSA opening new metro ambulance hub

BIXBY, Okla. - As more people move to Bixby, Jenks and south Tulsa, EMSA is responding to the growth.    

Next week, a small strip shopping center near 129th and South Memorial Drive will officially house a new operations hub for EMSA.

That means five new ambulances will be stationed there.

It is the first time EMSA has opened a second hub here in eastern Oklahoma.

It has been a three-part process to bring the new hub to Bixby.

Originally the area was served by units stationed at EMSA's north Tulsa facility.

In April, one ambulance began basing in Bixby during peak hours.

EMSA's Kelli Bruer told 2NEWS one vehicle was dedicated to the area around the clock in June.

"The hub in Bixby and the south Tulsa area is needed because of the significant increases in population growth in that area and also call volumes have gone up," said Bruer. "We're excited to be able to deploy more units and have more units in that area."

EMSA does not plan to open any other hubs around the metro area, but Bruer says they will keep tabs on growth and population shifts.

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