Emily Conatzer, Christopher Legg, Robert Dick: Funerals today for 3 Moore victims

MOORE, Okla. - Three funerals are planned for Saturday for victims of the Moore tornado, including two of the children killed at Plaza Tower Elementary School.

Emily Conatzer, 9, had a deep love for unicorns and all things girly.   She rescued a cat when he wandered into her family's home.  She was also a dancer, and could dance and sing "Time Warp" in its entirety.  Loved ones say though her years were not many, the memories and impressions Emily left on those she came into contact with are sure to endure forever.

Christopher Legg loved to play football, baseball and basketball.  He loved to rough-house and wrestle with his father, brother and sister.  Loved ones say Christopher never met a stranger because you were always a friend in his eyes.

Robert Dick, 65, dedicated his life to helping others as a police officer and sheriff's deputy.  He worked for Bethany police department and Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.  Robert enjoyed camping with family and friends.  He listened to music from the 50s and 60s, like Elvis and Conway Twitty.

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