Creek County animal owners look to Facebook to find lost pets

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - Humans aren't the only ones that have been displaced by Creek County's devastating wildfires.

Many pets found themselves without a home and far from their owner.

"I don't have kids so I guess my dogs have all been like kids to me. I'm totally blind and they're pretty good, real good protection," said Mark Remington, who lost his German Shepherd in the fires.

But a Facebook page created to centralize information about missing pets has been a great relief for many animals and their owners, several of which have already been reunited.

The Oklahoma Aliance for Animals (OAA) is also adding pictures to the Creek County Displaced Animals page, along with handing out food and supplies for needy animals.

The OAA is located at Lake Church in Mannford, near Highway 48 and Highway 51.

The organization is asking for volunteers to help answer phone calls.

For more information or to volunteer or donate, visit or call 918-742-3700 or 918-625-8188.

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