East Tulsa man admits to peeping on apartment neighbor from attic, stealing woman's personal items

TULSA - An east Tulsa man arrested Thursday admitted to watching his female neighbor from holes in her ceiling on several occasions and breaking into her home once, according to police documents.

Tulsa police detectives arrested Carlos Perez Thursday night after maintenance crews for Tower Crossing apartments near state Highway 51 and U.S. Highway 169 discovered "strange items" in the attic and small holes dug into tenant's apartments while installing security lights.

Officers contacted one of the tenants, 31-year-old Heidi, who reported missing "a large amount of panties, photos and a cellphone," Perez's arrest report states. A wig, a knife, pepper spray and important documents belonging to the woman were also spotted in the attic.

Heidi said she knew something wasn't right, but thought she was crazy, imaging things when $500 worth of panties went missing.

Heidi said she didn't know Perez or ever speak to him. The two live on opposite sides of the building and the only thing in-between is a fire wall, which she said he cut a whole through.

"I'm violated. This is something that's going to affect me for years to come," she said. "I'm never going to live by myself without living in fear. Just knowing the whole time I was there, I was being watched, it's really scary. There's no way I can live there again."

Officers also found more holes above other apartments, as well as more underwear, pornography and a kitchen steak knife next to an access panel leading to Perez's apartment.

Asked to travel with them to the police station, the 26-year-old who reported living in the complex for the past four years obliged, ultimately confessing to the crime.

Perez is being held on second-degree burglary and peeping Tom. He's due in court Thursday.

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