Early pioneer of local news in Tulsa passes away

TULSA - An early pioneer of Tulsa TV news dies.
George Martin was a news anchor in the early days of Channel 2.
Back then the call letters were KVOO.
George anchored the evening news in the same studios where 2News is broadcast from today.
He would later go on to be news director.
A couple of years ago as Channel 2 was celebrating 50 years of broadcasting, George and others who worked at Channel 2 in the late 50's and 60's attended a luncheon.
Those of us who work at KJRH today got a chance to meet George and thank him and his coworkers for laying the foundation for local t-v news.
George was an Eagle Scout, a member of the Tulsa Press Club and later worked in P.R.
He is a past president of the Tulsa Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

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