Drought could affect the holidays

OWASSO, Okla. - The lack of rain could affect how you celebrate the holidays in the years ahead.

Hundreds of young trees have been growing for up to two years through drought conditions at the Owasso Christmas Tree Farm. 

Somewhat smaller trees will hit the market in a few years.

This year's batch of trees should look normal, but with last year's drought and high temperatures added to this year's similar conditions, the locally-grown trees you'll buy starting in 2013 will be a foot or more shorter.

Bill Jacobs, owner of the Owasso Christmas Tree Farm, said his crew is doing what it can to get the most out of the crop.

"The drip irrigation puts a few gallons of water at the base of the tree once a week," said Jacobs.  "It's enough to keep the tree alive but not enough water to make it grow and do what it would have done otherwise."

Jacobs also sells fir trees, which are brought in from North Carolina and Oregon.

Those trees should be strong and healthy since drought has not been a major problem in those states.

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