EMSA to simplify billing

TULSA - A number of pending lawsuits claim EMSA is billing patients who shouldn't have to pay. To cut down on the confusion, EMSA is working on an entirely different look to its billing.

Currently there are 118 different ways a person can receive an EMSA statement. The new plan would consist of two.

"We've known the statements before are confusing," said Stephen Williamson, EMSA president.

TotalCare participants will get one statement that says "do not pay" and "this is not a bill" for when EMSA needs further insurance information.

The other bill is for those not enrolled. They will be asked to contact EMSA's "patient financial."

The new-look mailing is projected to roll out in less than three months. Williamson says they've been working on it since June.

EMSA is also reviewing its apartment policy and potential membership cards for enrolled residents, Williamson says.

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