Donor for Brady Street signs hasn't come forward; Tulsa taxpayers could end up footing $3,200 bill

TULSA - A private donor who promised to pay for the new Brady street signs has yet to come forward. 

That means the City of Tulsa ended up footing the bill for the switch to M.B Brady Street. 

Last year, Tulsa city councilors changed the street name to honor the Civil War photographer.

M.B. Brady replaced the former namesake Tate Brady, who had ties to the KKK. 

Initially, city leaders said a private donor would pay for the new project, but the donor never came forward. Tulsa's taxpayers paid $3,200 to install the new signs. 

"When we change other street signs and name signs, and streets after people we don't hold the project up waiting on some pennies to come in to see the signs are going to be paid or not," District 1 Councilor Jack Henderson said. 

City officials say the signs were paid out of the general fund, which covers most salaries and most day to say operations. It's money city leaders say they did not budget because they were under the impression that the funds would not come from the taxpayer. 

I hope the person that said he was going to pay for it comes forward. If he does not we must move on because we got other issues to take care of," Henderson.

City officials don't know if the private donor will come forward or not to reimburse the taxpayers, but councilor Henderson says he's under the impression that the donor is still not going to pay for the project.

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