Dodgeball players pack BOK Center, raise money for charity at second annual 'Dodgebrawl 2013'

Dodgebrawl 2013, the charity dodgeball tournament in just its second year gives hundreds of adults a reason to act like kids.
"We limited the number of teams to 62 this year and I expect a lot more to be interested in it next year. We had a to turn a lot down this year," Jill Duval special events manager at the BOK Center said. 
The last time Ryan Flanary played Dodgeball, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV. 
"I would say it has probably been a good 20 years since I played a good game of dodgeball," Flanary said. "So a little rusty around the edges." 
But on the dodgeball courts at the BOK Center today, he was playing for the Fresh Prince of Ball-Air.
His team had fun today, but were also trying to raise money for a charity close to home. 
"We are raising money for The Little Lighthouse," Flanary said. "It is a charity in Tulsa that I have a close tie with because my daughter, as a special needs child, will start there in August of this year. It is a school that runs completely of donations and takes care of these special needs kids until they're 6 years old." 
The Fresh Prince of Ball-Air didn't end up winning the tournament, but did get the award for best team name. They will have a $250 donation made in their name to The Little Lighthouse charity. 
Four other teams from today's tournament will also have donations made in their names to the charities of their choice. 
Winners of the tournament include:

3rd Place team: OFI Men of Steel

Charity: The Little Light House-$500

2nd place team: Goin' Commando

Charity: JDRF International-$1000

1st place team: Guns and Hoses

Charity: Foundation for Angelman Sydrome Therapeutics-$2500

Best Team Uniform: Dodgin' Hillbillies

Charity: March of Times-$250


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