District attorney receives new lead in dead dog case, asks sheriff to reopen investigation

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Rogers County District Attorney Janice Steidley says after receiving a new lead Thursday night in the case of a dog found dead she's asked the sheriff's office to reopen the investigation.

Jetta, a black labrador, was found dead Saturday, Sept. 1 on a county road in the Winganon area.

The initial investigation had authorities saying Jetta's legs had been wrapped in steel baling wire and she was dragged behind a vehicle.

Thousands of dollars in donations poured in to fund a reward for information on the suspect.  Former University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer doubled the money, bringing the fund to $10,000.

Then earlier this week, a man came forward with a different story of what happened to Jetta.

Sheriff's officials say the man said Jetta was injured, having been hit by a car.  When he tried to help her, she snapped at him.

The man told deputies he put her out of her misery by shooting her.  He admitted moving Jetta's body into a ditch away from his home but refuted earlier reports he tied up and dragged the animal with his vehicle.

No arrest was made.

On Friday, Steidley released a statement, saying the district attorney's office received new information late Thursday night that led her to ask the Rogers County Sheriff's Office to reopen the investigation into Jetta's death.

"We love animals and are working tirelessly to resolve this case," said Steidley.  "The fact that we are receiving and processing leads at night speaks volumes about the level of our commitment."

Steidley continued, saying, " We have heard the cries for justice loud and clear and are doing everything possible to answer them.  At this point, the contacts with our office or the sheriff's office that will move the case forward are those which involve direct physical evidence or witnesses who actually saw any kind of interaction between Jetta and a person or persons between Wednesday, Aug. 29. and Saturday, Sept. 1."

Steidley said details regarding the new information will not be released while the investigation is ongoing.

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