Custody battle over 'Dozer' the dog leads to gunshots, lawsuit in Sperry, Oklahoma

SPERRY, Okla. - A bitter custody battle over a dog resulted in a woman being shot and a man suing to get his dog back.

Amanda Barlow and her boyfriend Michael said they took in a pit bull walking down Highway 11 in Sperry around mid-December after they saw the dog multiple times around town.

Barlow said it's what happened a month and a half later she never expected.

On Jan. 28, Sperry police responded to a shooting at the 300 block of 92nd Street North.

Police said 23-year-old Jake Cornelius shot Barlow in the hand and then shot Michael's trailer home five times.

"All I can think of is how close I was to being dead," Barlow said. "If he would have waited five more minutes, he would have got his dog back and we would have never had to go through any of this."

Barlow said she barricaded herself in the couple's room while Cornelius beat on the door for an hour.

She began texting Michael. He told her "keep the door locked."

Barlow says she told her boyfriend, "Dozer knows who it is. I can't get him to stop whining," and "I'm not answering the door. He's p-----."

Michael wrote, "No don't, but we probably have to give him back."

On Tuesday, Tulsa County prosecutor Steve Kunzweiler filed three felony charges against Cornelius, including first-degree burglary, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill.

Court documents show Cornelius is suing Barlow and her boyfriend to get the dog back.

"I didn't want the dog back, after all of that. Then the police said he was more than likely (going to be) put down, I wasn't going to let that happen after all this," said Barlow.

She has since undergone surgery to put metal rods in her arm. The gun shot wound tore a tendon and broke a bone. Another surgery is planned in two months.

Efforts to reach Cornelius were unsuccessful.

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