Despite Tulsa Public Schools bond, school funding still an issue

TULSA - A drop in the bucket.

That's what some say Tuesday's $38 million bond initiative amounts to because of a larger education funding problem in Oklahoma.

According to the OK Policy Institute, school funding is down by more than $220 million since 2008, an amount equivalent to laying off 5,000 teachers.

The institute says recent increases by state lawmakers aren't enough to keep up with growing enrollment.

Spending per student is down $49 from last year, according to the institute.

Cecelia Clinton Elementary principal Tanya Davis agree education funding is a problem in the state.

"We need the monies that are available to be allocated to education," said Davis.

But Davis said voters passing Tulsa's bond initiative would help a lot.

Teachers like Kacie Waymon said the money from the bond could transform student learning by providing more technology, like Smart Boards, to the classroom.

"Instead of just seeing a book and reading about it, they actually get to see it in action and that really makes it fun and alive to them," said Waymon.

Voter turnout was low across the city Tuesday.

Teachers like Waymon hope those who did show up to the polls will be enough for the bond to pass.

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