Delaware Co. escapees identified

JAY, Okla. - We are learning more about the two Delaware County inmates who reportedly attacked jail employees Wednesday night before escaping.

The attack happened at Delaware County Sheriff's Office as dinner was being served in a holding area Wednesday evening.

According to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the two inmates used a leg from a tv stand as a bat to beat the jail employees.

Cpt. Ron Teel tells 2NEWS, "It was very scary. I was in the building up front when it happened. I came back and found two of my jailers on the floor."

On Friday, police released the names of the jailers assulted. Linda Eaton, 46, and Matt Hyso, 30, are still in a Joplin hosptial.

Cpt. Teel says the guards were seriously hurt. They remained hospitalized in serious condition Thursday afternoon.

The inmates have been identified at Devin Martin and Kyle Sutton.

Martin was being held in connection with the February stabbing death of a man in Grove. Sutton was arrested on drug charges.

Cpt. Teel say the inmates fled in a vehicle they stole from one of the jailers. Within minutes deputies and Jay police were in pursuit. OSBI says the inmates opened fire on authorities with a gun found the jailer's vehicle.

Martin was hit in the torso as deputies returned gunfire. The vehicle's tires were flattened as they ran through a road block on Highway 59 near the Eucha bridge.

Cpt. Teel says the inmates pulled onto a stretch of dirt road a few miles down the road where Sutton surrendered and Martin died of a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Julie Owins works at a salon across the street from the jail. She tells 2NEWS, "Ours were the only lights that are were on. So naturally I'm thinking they're going to come here."

A phone call from her ex-husband alerted Owins to the violence that had just unfolded across the street from the salon.

Owins says, "My ex-husband called me and said Julie lock the doors. Turn off the lights. Someone has escaped from the jail. We were scared to death! My daughter was at church. I called the church and told them to lock the doors because there was no way I could get to her."

Bu Thursday, Owins and the rest of her community could rest easier now, knowing the inmates were no longer on the loose.

She says, "I was very relieved to hear it was over."

Kyle Sutton was transferred to the Mayes County Jail. The Delaware County District Attorney will review of the details of the case to determine what additional charges he will face.

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