Cushing police look for robbery, assault suspect caught on video at Steer Inn Family Restaurant

CUSHING, Okla. - Cushing Police are searching for a man they say attacked a woman as she was closing a restaurant Sunday evening.

Part of the attack, at the Steer Inn Family Restaurant, was caught on surveillance video.

On the recording, a man, dressed in dark clothing and completely covered, approaches the back entrance to the restaurant and pulls what appears to be a handgun.

A few seconds later, he goes out of view before he is seen running from the business.

Investigators say the man pistol whipped a woman in the head before escaping with two bags of money.

Cushing Police Chief Tully Folden tells 2NEWS that, due to the surveillance tape, investigators believe the man was familiar with the business, or possibly a former employee.

"It does not appear that it was just a random assault," Folden said. "It [the video] obviously tells us that this is going to be somebody that has some inside knowledge as to the operations of the restaurant, or that this is somebody that has definitely been watching the business."

Restaurant owner Chris Kinzie says the woman, who was attacked, was a manager who worked for him for 25 years.

"It's not fair that she was picked out to receive this kind of punishment," he said.

Police say the woman is being treated at a Tulsa hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cushing Police Department by calling (918) 225-1212 or by submitting an online tip.

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