Crowd at Chamberlain Park started small fire in north Tulsa, shot fireworks at police and media

TULSA - Police officers became the target of a crowd shooting fireworks in Chamberlain Park Friday morning.

There were no reports of injuries.

Officers responded to a small fire that was started due to fireworks.

When firefighters arrived, police said the crowd started firing off rockets at them. Several members of the media at the scene, including our own photographer, were also nearly hit.

No arrests were made, and with more than 100 people at the park, police say finding Thursday's culprits would be difficult.

Neighbors say fireworks at Chamberlain Park are somewhat of a tradition, and often shoot fireworks at passing cars, nearby homes and each other.

Tulsa police responded to more than 300 fireworks calls overnight. Fireworks are illegal in Tulsa city limits. People found with them in their possession are subject to a $220 fine.

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