Crooks stealing abandoned cars

TULSA - The crooks didn't hide indoors during the blizzard.

Abandoned cars have been broken into, shot at and some possibly stolen.

Shannan Arnold is borrowing a friend's car right now. His vehicle was one of the hundreds stranded in the blizzard.

"It was out of the way. I went back Thursday to go pick it up to dig it out and when I got there it was not there," said Arnold.

Now a week later, he's still without a car, but it's not because he hasn't been looking for it. It's that no one seems to have it.

"So far I've gotten no results and I've been calling since Thursday afternoon, and I've called everyday since," said Arnold.

Tow lots keep track of all the vehicles that come in and since Shannan's can't be found, there's concern it could have been stolen.

In fact, Storey Wrecker has seen crime on it's lot.

"We got a Mustang up here with bullet holes in it, busted out windows. People are looting the vehicles," said Wayne Pierce of Storey Wrecker.

Tulsa Police say if you have to abandon you car the best thing you can do is pick it up or get it towed by a legitimate company as soon as possible. If you have your VIN number and tag number it will make finding it a lot easier.

These are all things Shannan has done, as he continues his search.

"I sure hate to see that it got stolen, but I know somewhere down in the records they got it somewhere," said Arnold.

If your car is abandoned start by calling the Oklahoma Highway Patrol or local law enforcement to find it.

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