Crime Prevention Network reaches out to local Hispanic community in east Tulsa to prevent crime

TULSA - Members of Tulsa's Crime Prevention Network made an effort to focus on east Tulsa Monday, with the aim of building a strong network of community involvement.

Officers from the Tulsa Police Department network started their day by speaking with east Tulsans at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Sunday.

Vicente Ruiz, with the network, says the main goal of the day was to get the Hispanic community to feel comfortable reporting crimes.

"People are afraid to make a phone call," Ruiz said. "They think they're going to be arrested. They think they're going to be questioned. That is why they're afraid of making any phone calls."

Bart Dean, program director with the network, says that involvement is essential.

"A police officer is just one stitch in the blanket," Dean said. "If we can get 30 stitches or 50 stitches in that blanket it better covers the whole neighborhood."

Residents that are witness to crimes can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously by phone, by text or online.

How to contact Crime Stoppers (

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