CRIME ALERT: Peggy Gaytan was killed at a Tulsa convenience store in 2011, search for killer ongoing

TULSA - It was three days before Christmas in 2011, and Peggy Gaytan was just about to wrap up her shift at a midtown convenience store.

Peggy was probably anxious to get home. Those who know her say Christmas was a special time of year for Peggy.

"She had her tree decorated and presents she had wrapped for her granddaughter," said Jennifer Harmon, a frequent customer and president of the neighborhood association that the convenience store lies within.

But Peggy would never make it home that night.

As she prepared to close the store, two men appeared outside.

Police don't believe Peggy ever saw them.

"She was doing some inventory behind the counter," said Jill Roberson, with the Tulsa Police Department. "She didn't even look up."

2NEWS obtained exclusive video of what happened inside the store.

It shows one of the men walk in, fire two shots at Peggy and walk right back out.


For more images of the suspect, click on the photo slideshow above. If you're reading this on your phone click this link to see the images.

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Peggy died, leaving police to search for the killer. Her family was devastated.

"She wanted to work, to make a living, for herself, for kids, her granddaughter," said Greg Gaytan, Peggy's ex-husband.    

Tulsa police say finding a suspect in the case hasn't been easy, even though the store has multiple surveillance cameras.

"This has been a case that's really pulled on the heartstrings of the Tulsa Police Department, our citizens and our homicide detectives," said Roberson.

Police believe it was a robbery gone bad.

They hope someone may recognize the suspect's bright white shoes.  

Until someone does, her family and friends will maintain the makeshift memorial outside the store, waiting for the day there's justice for Peggy.

"It's just a matter of time," said Harmon.

Police say they're looking for a black male suspect.

If you have any tip that could help police in the Peggy Gaytan case, contact Crimestoppers ( at 918-596-COPS. You do not have to give your name.

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