Crews start construction on tornado shelter library at Mitchell Elementary; first one for TPS

TULSA - Friday afternoon crews started work on a 3,500 square-foot library at Mitchell Elementary near I-244. 

This large library will have more than one use, it will also be a tornado shelter. It is the first of its kind in a Tulsa Public School

TPS Superintendent Keith Ballard says they are discussing improvements to other Tulsa Schools, too.

"Safety has always been a paramount importance and I believe we will see that happen," Ballard said. "We go through a bond development committee and all of that ultimately goes to the board, but it is prominent in our discussion."

The library/ tornado shelter will be steel-reinforced to withstand winds up to 250 miles per hour. 

The library shelter will be big enough to fit everyone at the school in it.

This project will cost 2.9 billion dollars. 


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