Crew setting up ONEOK FreedomFest fireworks show, will feature 1500 pounds of explosives

On Tuesday a six man crew started setting up the ONEOK Freedom Fest fireworks show for the Fourth of July.

The 20 minute show will feature 2000 explosive shells, 1500 raw pounds of explosives, and three main stages of fireworks with five smaller frontage stages directly in front.

The whole process of setting up the show takes four days. On Tuesday the mortars were put in place. Wednesday and Thursday were spent loading all the fireworks. On Friday the stages are going to be set in place and wires will be connected to the computerized firing system.

Steve Frantz with Pyro Shows of Texas oversees the show. He said he worked with the RiverParks Authority designing the holiday fireworks display, which will be run completely by a computer once the sun sets Friday. 

"It is designed on a computer and launched by a computer," Frantz said. "Everything is timed to one-tenth of a second. It is choreographed to a special musical score that we worked with the RiverParks Authority on and it is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages."

Frantz added that the computerized system firing show, makes for a safer environment. Technicians don't have to be right next to the fireworks to light them and the audience is kept safe as well. 

"We design the show specifically for the safety area we have and the distance from the launching area to all the spectators and any other hazards," he said. 

For people who checked out the show over the Arkansas River last year, Frantz said this years it will be different, but he doesn't want to give too much away before Friday night.

"Every year we find new products, and new designs. We don't like to talk about them early because we like people to be surprised," Frantz said. "We do have quite a few different designs, fireworks, that you will see on the Fourth of July that haven't been seen in Tulsa before."

The fireworks are scheduled to begin between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. Friday.  Don't forget to check out 2NEWS live stream of the event Friday evening.

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