CCSO: Creek County wildfire suspect's arrest nearing

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - The man accused of starting Oklahoma's largest wildfire could soon be behind bars.

A warrant was issued Wednesday afternoon for 36-year-old Billy Cloud, believed to have started the fire that destroyed 380 homes and 50,000 acres in Creek County. 

A Creek County incident report stated the fire started on Indian land in Bristow at Cloud's home.

According to the document, a Creek County deputy was directed to a "drunk family" nearby when investigating the fire. The deputy soon met Cloud, who told him "two of my cousins were here drinking with us and threw their cigarettes into the grass in the yard, starting the fire."

The deputy was then told he had no right being on the property as it was in "restricted" status.

The sheriff's office says they have since obtained a Muscogee Creek Nation Realty Trust Services document placing the property outside restrictive status.

The incident report also states authorities received multiple reports from witnesses and accuses Cloud of drinking beer and smoking a cigarette when he threw it on the ground, sparking the fire.

A cigarette butt was taken into evidence.

Police say Cloud was drunk when they arrived.

Cloud faces two felony charges, 3rd-degree arson and burning of forest, grass, woods, wild land, but authorities say he will most likely only be formally charged with one.

If convicted, Cloud could be sentenced up to 15 years in prison.

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