Creek County fire victims ready to pick up the pieces

MANNFORD,Okla. - As Joe Anaya looks at the charred remains of his home, he makes a promise to himself and his neighbors.

"As a community we will rebuild," he said. "I know a lot of my neighbors aren't going to let this destroy our lives."

The raging wildfire destroyed his home just south of Mannford, as well as his business.

"You're seeing the total destruction of our dream home, our business, our lives," said Anaya. "In one swoop we lost everything."

The homes around his block also burned.

Around the corner, Kim McKellar was speechless as she stood in front of a pile of debris that was once her home.

"We knew it was gone, but it hits you when you see it," she said.

Her family had a visit from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. She offered them words of comfort and promised more help is on the way to fight the fire and help families rebuild.

Anaya has homeowner's insurance, but he expects he'll need state or federal assistance.

"I'm hoping she sees that here in Mannford we may be a little town but we are part of her community.  We need her assistance, we need her help."

Victims are urged to call their insurance companies to file a claim.  Those who need help can call the Oklahoma Consumer Assistance line at 405-760-4104.

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