Competency trial for courthouse shooting suspect Andrew Dennehy continues

TULSA - The competency trial for a man who allegedly opened fire outside the Tulsa County Courthouse is expected to wrap up Wednesday.

Andrew Dennehy, 24, is accused of firing several gunshots outside the courthouse March 7, injuring a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy and an innocent bystander.

Shots fired at Tulsa County Courthouse

Dennehy recently underwent a mental health evaluation and a psychiatrist concluded he shows signs of depression, paranoia and a lack of judgment.

On Tuesday, Dennehy's own father, a radiologist, took the stand and discussed telephone calls he received from his son while in custody. He said Dennehy believed that the Illuminati and Free Masons were working together to follow him.

Dennehy's father said his son has stated the pope, George Bush, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West are Illuminati.

The psychiatrist who recently evaluated Dennehy also testified Tuesday, saying Dennehy believed the Illuminati were planning to kill him and his parents and he believed his death would stop the Illuminati from being interested in his parents.

According to the psychiatrist, Dennehy has a strong suspicion that the district attorney, some jury members and even his own attorney may be members of the Illuminati.

"All the testimony from his parents, from the mental health experts strongly makes a compelling statement to any reasonable person that he's suffering from serious mental health issues," said Allen Smallwood, Dennehy's defense attorney.

At the conclusion of the trial, a jury will determine if Dennehy is mentally fit to stand trial for the shooting.

"If he is found to be not competent it essentially sets up a defense at trial for to be found not guilty by reason of insanity and of the prosecution doesn't want to see that happen, we want to see him held accountable and go to prison for what he did," said Anthony J. Evans,  an asst. district attorney.

Currently, Dennehy is being held in the Tulsa County Jail on two complaints of shooting with intent to kill and two firearms complaints. Additionally, Dennehy faces charges of assault and battery on a police officer and escape from arrest.

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