Community reacts to north Tulsa shootings

TULSA - People who live in north Tulsa can breathe a sign of relief now that the alleged shooting spree suspects are behind bars.  Now, residents are beginning to speak out about last week's shootings.

Jake England and Alvin Watts were arrested in connection to the shootings that left three people dead and two injured.

"Oh, I was just so thankful, just so thankful that they were caught," said Charlene Harring .  "And the quick reaction to the catching, that nobody else was hurt, and we're just blessed that that part is over with.  and we known justice will be served."

Community members say while they are relieved after the arrests, they are still thinking of the victims and their families.

With murmurs of the shootings being a hate crime, residents are asking one question: Why did this happen?

They want to know if the shootings were, in fact, racially motivated.  But in the meantime, community members are ready for the justice system to run its course.

"Yeah, I hope they get their time," said Wyvonne Marshall.  "For doing all that murdering and hurting people."

One of the two survivors from the shootings is now speaking out, calling what happened Friday a fluke incident.

Deon Tucker says he just ran into the wrong person at the wrong time.

While England and Watts are behind bars, Tucker is home recovering from his injuries.  He says the bullet that hit him in the shoulder just missed his friend's head.

David Hall was shot in the stomach.  He remains hospitalized.

Tucker says he's not holding a grudge against the shooters.  He hopes the community remains calm.

Tucker says his friend, Hall, remains in good spirits and is doing well. Hall is expected to be released from the hospital later this week.

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