Community helps family fund medical marijuana treatments for child dealing with epilepsy

Tulsa - A Tulsa mother is looking to the community to help fund medical marijuana treatments for her daughter with epilepsy.

Friends, family, and community members gathered at LaFortune Park Saturday to help raise funds to pay for medical and travel expenses in this difficult time.

Brittany Hardy says medical marijuana is essential to treat her 23-month-old daughter Jaqie.

“Getting medical marijuana legalized is the most important goal in our life right now besides keeping Jaqie well,” Hardy explained.

Hardy says cannabis oil has done more in two months than anti-seizure medications did in more than twenty

But in Oklahoma, this treatment is still illegal. That's why she travels back and forth to Colorado for help.

“Just thinking of the financial part of this whole journey and the treatment Jaqie needs for going to Colorado has been a lot,” Hardy said. “When you look at the bigger picture though it's all worth it.”

Unfortunately these treatments are not covered by insurance and are taking a toll on family finances.

That's why community members are showing emotional and financial support.

“They just want to be here in their home, they have a house here, they have family here, they got friends here,” Pamela Huey, family friend explained. “We want them to be able to get their child well here in Oklahoma.”

Many at the fundraiser also took a chance to sign a petition to get medical marijuana placed on the November ballot. All with a common goal of bringing Jaqie home.

To get this issue placed on the ballot, organizers must have 155,000 signatures by August 16.

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